Ketchikan Community Foundation Fund 

This is our flagship endowment fund. The earnings from this endowment are used to award grants to local 501(c)(3) nonprofits. This flexible endowment meets the current needs of our community as they arise. Grants address issues like education, economic development, art, culture & social services. As this endowment grows, so does our ability to invest in Ketchikan’s future.

Ketchikan Community Foundation Non-Endowed Operating Fund 

Funded by the Operating Endowment and donations, this non-endowed account supports short-term operations.

Ketchikan Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund 

This fund will allow KCF to become self-sustaining. The interest earned from this fund goes to support operating costs, such as community events, administration, and outreach. This fund is also used to train local nonprofit boards and leaders, or to supplement grants. The Operating Endowment Fund is essential to achieving our mission and supporting our community.

Gifts to the following fund is eligible for The Alaska Community Foundation and Rasmuson Foundation 1:1 match: Ketchikan Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund

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Photo Credit: Ricardo J. Lopez