2017-2019 Impact Report cover image

Impact of Local Foundations 2017-2019 Affiliate Program Impact Report

2017-2019 Impact Report cover imageSince 1995, The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF) has worked to cultivate, celebrate, and sustain all forms of philanthropy to strengthen Alaska’s communities forever. Beginning in 2008, ACF, in partnership with the Rasmuson Foundation, created an Affiliate community foundation program to create permanent, charitable funds for Alaska’s diverse communities, empowering communities to invest in themselves and find solutions together for their unique, community needs.

Ketchikan Community Foundation was established in 2013 with this intention for our region. Now, we are part of 11 Affiliate community foundations at ACF. With the overall goal of increasing philanthropy in Alaska, ACF’s Affiliate program is designed to:

  • Increase individual philanthropy among Alaskans
  • Encourage local leadership to identify problems and invest in solutions in their communities
  • Grow permanent charitable assets in Alaska to create sustaining sources of revenue and support for valued Alaska nonprofit services

We recently take a look back at our 11 Affiliate community foundations in this 2017-2019 report. Read our full 2017-2019 ACF Affiliate Impact Report here.

Some highlights from all 11 Affiliate community foundations include:

  • We engage 106 volunteer Advisory Board members and 102 additional volunteers each year.
  • We have cultivated relationships with 2,578 donors in our communities.
  • In 2017-2019 alone, we have collectively raised $1,991,949.00 in gifts, generously matched by the Rasmuson Foundation by $1,573,143!
  • In 2017-2019 alone, we have collectively granted $844,777 to local nonprofits, tribal entities, and other charitable organizations.
  • Community leadership is a focus of community foundations, and you can find many stories of this impact in our report.