Growing Communities…and Gardens! Grantee Highlight: Friends Of The Ketchikan Public Library

In 2017, the Ketchikan Community Foundation, an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation, awarded a grant to the Friends Of The Ketchikan Public Library for the Children’s Community Garden. Now, a year later, the fruits of that grant can be seen growing (literally) in Ketchikan. Pat Tully, Director of the Ketchikan Public Library, recently gave us a taste of what has been accomplished through this grant project.

The original intent of the Children’s Community Garden project was to give Ketchikan children hands-on experience of where their food comes from, how to plant, grow and harvest it, and what it takes to tend a successful garden. Programs throughout the 2018 growing season accomplished this and more. Activities ran the gamut from artistic to scientific to culinary. Open garden sessions with staff in attendance gave children the opportunity to use the information learned in programs, and gain a sense of pride as plants grew to harvest.


An unexpected result has been the amount of general community interest in the project, not only from families with children. Many individuals in the community have offered supplies (seeds, bulbs, seaweed, fertilizer, etc.), extensive gardening expertise, time, labor, and the willingness to teach children what they know. The popularity of the garden has led to interest in other library landscaping projects.


Thanks to the Ketchikan Community Foundation for making it possible for us to establish the Children’s Community Garden!”