2021 Grant Awards

Ketchikan Community Foundation 2021 Grantees Announced  

Awards $24,320 to 5 Local Non-Profits 

Ketchikan, ALASKA – The Ketchikan Community Foundation (KCF), an Affiliate of the Alaska Community Foundation (ACF), is pleased to announce that $24,320 in grant funding was awarded to five Ketchikan nonprofit organizations Thursday, March 25th.  

This is the sixth year the Community Foundation has awarded nonprofit grant funding in Ketchikan. Including this year’s recipients, KCF has now awarded approximately $130,000 to 40 organizations. The awards ceremony was held virtually via Zoom. 

The 2021 recipients are: 

Boy Scouts of America – $700 for day camp supplies. 

Ketchikan Wellness Coalition – $5000 for a community garden project.  

Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) – $5000 for their ORCA program. 

Women in Safe Home (WISH) – $4000 for a youth/peer intervention program. 

KRBD – $9,620 to upgrade their broadcasting technology.  

KCF has identified three community funding categories that rotate each year. This year’s category was “Community Enrichment”.  KCF’s annual grants are funded using a percentage of the earned income from its permanent endowment fund. KCF is an Affiliate of the Alaska Community Foundation. 

Current members of the Ketchikan Community Foundation Advisory Board are: Heidi Ekstrand, Chair; Mike Cessnun, Vice-Chair; Greg Karlik, Treasurer; Gail Klein, Secretary; and board members Leah Raine, Christa Bruce, Pam Duran, Iwona Edwards, Margaret Custer, Don Mitchel, Felix Wong and John Clifton

For more information visit: www.ketchikancf.org/grants