Employment Opportunity: Program Manager The Ketchikan Community Foundation Is Hiring!

Emily and her husband, Micah, at KCF’s 2019 Vintage Cocktail Party.

“Working as the Program Manager of the Ketchikan Community Foundation, an Affiliate of the Alaska Community Foundation, is like building a castle. You may not see the magnitude of your efforts as you are laying individual bricks – writing thank you notes, entering donor data, creating website content, or planning events. When you rise above those individual actions, you see a structure that will remain for generations to come, a structure that you are helping to build. It is a towering assurance that Ketchikan nonprofits will have the local funds they need to continue improving quality of life for the residents of our community. It is work worth doing, work that comes with a return on your time investment in the form of an ever-growing, permanent endowment fund that will support local nonprofits FOREVER (as well as provide monetary compensation in the form of wages).

In addition to helping create a lasting legacy, you have the pleasure of working with a board full of smart, knowledgeable, kindhearted, and skilled members who not only dream big dreams, but put in the elbow grease to ensure those dreams come to fruition. You have the benefit of working under the Affiliate umbrella – the Alaska Community Foundation provides training, support, structure, and resources to Program Managers and the communities in which they live and work. Finally, you have the financial backing of the Rasmuson Foundation, whose seed money and match funds have propelled the Ketchikan Community Foundation to new heights.

Working with the Ketchikan Community Foundation, an Affiliate of the Alaska Community Foundation, has been an immense pleasure and an amazing opportunity. I encourage all community organizers with a heart for philanthropy to apply. Grow your circle, grow the endowment fund, and grow a community legacy.”

– Emily Chapel, KCF Program Manager, May 2018 – March 2020

Now Hiring

The Alaska Community Foundation is seeking to hire a Program Manager to support the ongoing work of the Ketchikan Community Foundation (KCF). The KCF Program Manager provides administrative and strategic support to the KCF Advisory Board, and fills a critical role in operations, marketing and communications, and strategic initiatives of KCF. This is a part-time position that reports to ACF’s Affiliate Program Officer. KCF is seeking a motivated, self-starter to support the work of the growing foundation.

Position is open until filled. To apply, click here for the KCF Program Manager job description.

Ketchikan CF Program Manager job description